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Shaun Gregory

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt


For more than 7 years Coach Shaun has been living the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. Eating clean, studying technique and developing his mentality through the rigors of training. Shaun got his start at renowned MMA gym MTC Windsor under Coach Phil Navarro. He was able to build a strong No Gi game that was well suited to mixed martial arts. During this time he trained no gi and gi with UFC newcomer Kyle Prepolec, T.J. Larmie, former 145 TKO Champion and many other great athletes. After moving from Windsor Shaun was lucky enough to train at a number of different gyms before finding his home at Stratford BJJ. Currently Coach Shaun is a Purple Belt under Professor Ryan O'Shea (IBJJF certified Black Belt under Professor Jorge Britto) who is mentoring Shaun in his development as a BJJ fighter and teacher. Coach Shaun has fallen in love with the more technical side of Gi based Jiu-Jitsu and is actively competing in some of the most prestigious tournaments in Canada. His training is that of a professional athlete. Shaun trains three times at Stratford BJJ, once at Toronto BJJ and has included one session at Adrenaline MMA in the course of a week. As well he lifts weights and performs stair runs three times a week. Since launching theHuron BJJ competitive team roughly a year ago, the team has collected more than 50 medals.  Coach Shaun and the team at Huron BJJ are devoted to their success. It's not just a hobby, it's a way of life.


  • Gold -2019-NextGen-Vaughn,Ont.-no-gi-Purple belt

  • Silver-2019-NextGen-Vaughn,Ont.-gi-Purple belt

  • Silver-2019- NextGen-Vaughn, Ont-ABSOLUTE GI-Purple belt

  • Bronze-2019 Ontario Open International Jiu-Jitsu Championships-Purple belt

  • Bronze-2019-NextGen-Niagara Falls in no gi-Purple belt

  • Silver-2019-NextGen-Niagara Falls in gi-Purple belt

  • Gold - 2018 - Jiu Jitsu For Life Annual- Purple belt

  • Gold- 2018 - NextGen-Purple belt                                            

  • Gold-2018 Ontario Open International Jiu-Jitsu Championships -Blue Belt

  • Bronze-2018-NextGen-Niagara Falls-Blue Belt-ABSOLUTE

  • Bronze-2018- NextGen-Niagara Falls-Blue Belt

  • Gold- 2018 Grappling Industries -Toronto,Ont.- Blue  Belt

  • Gold- 2017 Grappling Industries - Blue Belt

  • Bronze-2017 Ontario Open International Jiu-Jitsu Championships -Blue Belt


"Just because it's rural out here, doesn't mean we cannot grapple"- Huron BJJ.




At Huron BJJ in Goderich our instructors have an abundance of knowledge from decades upon decades of training and learning the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, judo, wrestling and boxing.  Having experts in these martial arts will be a great advantage to anyone who desires to learn how to grapple at our academy. Our grappling school is a fun and safe environment. Our instructors offer classes with full body workouts while teaching highly effective self defense skills that are applicable in a variety of real world situations. 


 Coach Shaun lives the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. Eating clean, studying technique and developing his mentality through the rigours of training. Shaun got his start at renowned MMA gym MTC Windsor in 2012. He was able to build a strong No Gi game that was well suited to mixed martial arts. Shaun received his brown belt in 2021 from Jorge Britto (head coach Toronto BJJ) and Ryan O'Shea (owner Stratford BJJ). Shaun is actively training at Jiu Jitsu For Life HQ Toronto BJJ and Stratford BJJ alongside other Ontario gyms to continue learning. Shaun is currently sponsored by @hyperflycanada and @rebelmassagegun “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is my life and I think if you give our gym a shot it will become yours as well. Everyone is meant for BJJ, young, old, big and small. This sport will change your life physically and mentally for the better .”
Major Accomplishments
-1x Ontario Open International Jiu Jitsu Champion at black/brown belt no gi 2021.
-2x Ontario Open International Jiu Jitsu Champion in the gi at brown belt 2021 and blue belt 2017.
-1x IBJJF Open Champion in nogi at purple belt.
1x GOLD medalist Abu Dhabi National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship at brown belt 2022
-2x silver medallist Abu Dhabi National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship at brown belt 2021 and purple belt 2019
2X London Open champion gold purple belt gi 2019 and brown belt gi 2022
2x gold medalist Next Gen Toronto gi brown and no gi brown/black 2022


           SHAUN GARRITY
Huron BJJ founder
Owner/head instructor
(10 years of experience )


            DAN BARSKY
      BJJ and judo instructor
(20 years of martial arts experience)


If you know anything about takedowns, trips or throws, Dan AKA Judo Dan Barsky is a specialist in all the above. And that’s not just it, Dan is phenomenal in all aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He can pass guard, play guard and is just a master in BJJ. We are very lucky to have such a prestigious lifelong martial artists helping all of us get better . Starting his martial arts career nearly 20 years ago, he brings an abundance of knowledge to the Huron BJJ mats. Dan has a brown belt in Judo and his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Major Achievements
London Open gold medalist brown/black gi 2022
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ottawa international Open - Purple Ultra Heavyweight Champion, 2nd place absolute. SAU Ottawa Purple Ultra heavyweight champion, Absolute closed with teammate Competed at IBJJF Worlds as Blue belt Judo Former national and provincial team. Provincial Champion and 3rd place nationals brown/black belt. Hatashita International tournament 2nd and 3rd place. Royal Military College Open Champion. Wrestling Canadian International Wrestling Festival 95kg Champion. Sambo Former Team Canada member. 2X New York Open champion.



If you are looking for any information about Huron BJJ Sarah is the person to see.  Sarah has an extensive history in banking and received her mutual funds license a few years back. This makes her a perfect fit to operate the business aspect of the academy.    Everything behind the scenes is solely Sarah. If you need any questions answered on billing, when each program starts or how to join, ask Sarah.  Over the past five years of running Huron Bjj, Sarah has built an excellent relationship with Hyperfly Canada.  She is very knowledgable on quality and what works best for each person individually.  This includes sizing for both men and women.   Call Sarah today and she will get you started on Huron BJJ journey.  

Director of Operations/Owner




Wrestling instructor
(30 years wrestling experience)



Fundamentals BJJ instructor


Yudell Jimanez  is one of the most experienced and decorated wrestling coaches in Canada. He is our wrestling instructor at Huron BJJ in Goderich.
Yudel Herrera Jimenez, has a long and impressive resume. He has a University degree in coaching, over three decades of wrestling experience, and he wrestled on the Cuban national team for four years! It’s unbelievable for a small town such as ours to have such world-class expertise."-quote from the previous Goderich wrestling coach.
He’s wrestled since he was five years old and brings a huge background in grappling that is going to catapult us to levels we’ve never witnessed from the stand up game.

Major accomplishments
4 time national Cuban champion And multiple time provincial champ in Greco and freestyle wrestling.
He's won 1st place at a dozen provincial wrestling tournaments in Cuba.  

Come out to Yudell’s classes every
Thursday at 8:15 pm. This is great for beginners and advanced students, all gyms invited.



Coach Jesse Mckone is our Muay Thai coach.  Jesse started training under Kru Joe at Fifth Round in Stratford in 2016. He’s a perfect coach for beginners and advanced strikers. All his classes are similar to a professor the way he breaks things down systematically from the fundamentals to the more advanced techniques. Jesse has attended numerous striking seminars from Muay Thai legends Suphachai "Saenchai" Saepong, 7 time world champ Liam Harrison, 14 time world champ John Wayne Parr. He also trained with ajahn burklark on a few occasions and he’s also trained with Anuwat Kaewsamrit, the Thai with the longest winning streak. Jesse has been involved with many pro mma camps. At the moment, he’s fought amateur 12 times in Muay Thai. He teaches every Monday at 8:45 pm at Huron BJJ in Goderich.


199 Anglesea St.

Goderich ON 

Phone: (519) 567-0094

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