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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu establishes confidence

while teaching discipline and self defence! 


Group 1


6-645pm - JR YOUTH- ages 5-8

7-745pm - SR YOUTH - ages 9-12

12-1245pm - JR YOUTH - ages 5-8

1-145pm SR YOUTH - ages 9-12


Group 2


6-645pm - JR YOUTH- ages 5-8

7-745pm - SR YOUTH - ages 9-12

12-1245pm - JR YOUTH - ages 5-8
1-145pm - SR YOUTH - ages 9-12

$200+hst per 12 week session. 10% off each additional sibling. Up front lump sum or monthly post dated cheques (dated for the 1st). Cash, cheque or EMT ( Gi's can be purchased through Huron BJJ for an affordable price. Gi's will be ordered first week of class starting at $95+hst per Gi. 

REGISTRATION INFO - Please fill out and sign all paperwork and drop off at gym or email to


Huron BJJ kids Registration FORM

Huron BJJ kids Insurance FORM 



As part of our membership benefits, adult members with monthly memberships will receive a personalized FOB key, granting them exclusive access to our newly renovated strength and conditioning gym 24 hours a day.

In addition to the gym facilities, all members will enjoy access to the mat space and showers, as well as the availability of boxing equipment. However, we kindly request that martial arts or boxing sparring not take place in these areas.

We provide a television with Internet access, allowing members to enjoy online platforms such as YouTube and Netflix during their visits.

Our gym is fully equipped with a range of cardio machines, including a row machine and treadmill, to cater to your cardiovascular exercise needs. We also offer a turf area complete with a weighted sled, enabling you to engage in dynamic training routines.

For strength training, we offer numerous free weights and two spacious squat racks, ensuring you have ample options for your lifting goals. We have carefully curated all the necessary equipment, both for beginner lifters and those at an advanced level, to support your strength training endeavors.

Join Huron BJJ today and experience the convenience of our 24/7 strength and conditioning gym, along with a range of facilities and equipment to enhance your fitness journey.

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