➡️  Walk in put hand sanitizer on and sit at your designated square with or without a partner. We have solo or partner drills with same social circles.
➡️  All boxes are 7-8 feet apart.
➡️  All changing rooms are closed for children. Adults are limited to two in change room.
➡️  The teacher is in the middle demonstrating with their assistant. At no time will coaches or others be in contact with each other.
➡️  We warm up, then partner up if you’re comfortable, if not and you prefer solo we will have a bjj dummy on hand and you can keep up just as if you had a partner.
➡️  We log every ones attendance.
➡️  After warm up we perform technique and drill. We are not sparring or fighting at the moment.
➡️  After class each person or group will leave one at a time. They are asked to put hand sanitizer on before departing.
➡️   We leave a 30 min period of time so we can thoroughly clean mats, door knobs etc.

Huron Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

199 Anglesea St

parking and entrance around back, off Wolfe Street

519-567-0094 or 519-955-1109


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