• Everyone must wear a mask inside our building and it is not to be removed until you are in your designated area and performing physical activity.

  • Everyone is provided hand sanitizer to use as they enter the building. 

  • Limited class size as per government guidelines. 

  • All exercise squares are measured correctly as per government guidelines. 

  • Change rooms are for adult use only and have a limit of 2 people at a time. 

  • All coaches are in their own teaching space and do not enter the members square.

  • We perform solo training. 

  • All members must sign up for every class they attend online. 

  • Each class exits the building completely before the next class comes in. 

  • There is a 15 minute gap between each class to allow sanitizing. 

Huron Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

199 Anglesea St

parking and entrance around back, off Wolfe Street

519-567-0094 or 519-955-1109


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