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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu establishes confidence

while teaching discipline and self defence! 


Group 1


6-645pm - JR YOUTH- ages 5-8

7-745pm - SR YOUTH - ages 9-12

12-1245pm - JR YOUTH - ages 5-8

1-145pm SR YOUTH - ages 9-12


Group 2


6-645pm - JR YOUTH- ages 5-8

7-745pm - SR YOUTH - ages 9-12

12-1245pm - JR YOUTH - ages 5-8
1-145pm - SR YOUTH - ages 9-12

$200+hst per 12 week session. 10% off each additional sibling. Up front lump sum or monthly post dated cheques (dated for the 1st). Cash, cheque or EMT ( Gi's can be purchased through Huron BJJ for an affordable price. Gi's will be ordered first week of class starting at $95+hst per Gi. 

REGISTRATION INFO - Please fill out and sign all paperwork and drop off at gym or email to


Huron BJJ kids Registration FORM

Huron BJJ kids Insurance FORM 

Youth Program


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 No-Gi Program offers both fundamental and advanced classes, providing students with the opportunity to learn modern jiu-jitsu techniques that can be adapted to no-gi situations. The curriculum covers a range of positions and techniques applicable to both gi and no-gi training.

BELT RANK: Students of all belt levels are welcome to join the no-gi fundamentals classes. However, for the advanced no-gi classes, we require a minimum of a blue belt or higher.

PROGRAM GOALS: The primary objectives of our No-Gi Program are as follows:

  • Enhance overall understanding and proficiency in no-gi jiu-jitsu

  • Develop the ability to seamlessly apply techniques in both gi and no-gi scenarios

CURRICULUM INCLUDES: The program curriculum encompasses the following components:

  • Attacks, defensive techniques, and escapes from various positions

  • Core concepts and fundamental ideas of no-gi jiu-jitsu

  • Positional drills, situational training, and live sparring sessions

  • In the advanced no-gi classes, we delve into a range of leg lock systems, including heel hooks, kneebars, and other submissions.

Join our No-Gi Program today and expand your knowledge and skills in the dynamic world of jiu-jitsu, both with and without the gi.

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